söndag 31 juli 2016

Vikingatida särk

The Challenge: Monochrome

Material: Linnen

Pattern: No pattern, just rektangles and triangels

Year: 2016

Notions: Sewn with flax tread.

How historically accurate is it? This is a tricky questions since there are very little remains of viking undergarments. I base it on the few known facts that we have: Wider towards the ground than around the chest, makes it probable that the serk is made of rektangles with triangels in the sides. That is also a type of serk that has remained in swedish folkcostumes practically unchanged for all known history.
The opening in the front from the neck is quite deep since the finds indicates that if the serk had a cut in the front it was deep if it existed. 
The fabric itself is not handvowen, and is therefore not accurate, but I think it has a good "look", it has been bleached but not dyed white and has a fine weft.
Seams are backstiched and folded and stiched down to each side, wich is also probably quite accurate.

Hours to complete: Quite many...

First worn: only for the photo occation

Total cost: About 300 kr/ 30 dollars.

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